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October BelTiFi of the Month Presents Miss Haiti International 2012 Hermanie Pierre!

Posted on October 2, 2012 at 12:00 AM

BTF: Tell us a little about yourself

HP: I am Hermanie Pierre, Miss Haiti, Philanthropist, Civil Engineer, Motivational Speaker, Children’s Advocate and a Public Figure. I am a native of Haiti; I was born and raised in the nation’s capital and largest city: Port-au-Prince.  Now I reside in Arkansas. I came to the United States at the age of 14 to reunite with my parents.



BTF: How did you get started in the Beauty Pageant scene?

HP: A friend of mine advised me to.  I soon realized it was the best opportunity for me to become an ambassador for my country and raise awareness for children's right to an education. Education is the key to a prosperous life; stay in school no matter what!” That’s the leit motif my parents have been uttering all my life. Their advice revealed to be tremendously instrumental. Pageantry is a great way to become more involved in the community. Helping disenfranchised children and their families with food and tuition became one of my favorite hobbies.



BTF: You are truly the definition of brains and beauty. Not only are you Miss Haiti International 2012, but you are also a Civil Engineer, how do you balance the two worlds?

HP: Hard work and dedication are the keys. Trust me it is not easy, I worked on my time management and my organization skills. I take it one day at a time. I planted the seeds; I cultivate it and wait on the results.  I realize I want to be great and to be great you have to be able to reach back to others. I know I wanted to be a Civil Engineering since I was a little girl and being Miss Haiti just get me one step closer to my dream which is to make this world a better place.

I am intrinsically connected to my profession. Choosing engineering as a career was no accident. That’s why I feel content and resolved, every morning and sometimes in the middle of the night, on my way to work. This state of mind nourishes my ambitious being and directs it to upward mobility. It takes intelligence to make it up the ladder. Organizational politics is a thorny territory. Neither knowledge nor outstanding performance alone is sufficient for securing opportunity for organizational advancement. A mélange of both is the secret.”

When I set aside my engineer hard hat and boots, I volunteers and called upon to be a motivational speaker with countless organizations, and takes part in philanthropic activities. You name it, I am part of it: the Nashville Habitat for Humanity, Sophomore Mentorship Program, Peer Counsel Mentor, NSBE Arkansas Alumni Extension Chaplin; Adviser and Public Relations Director for Little Piece of Heaven Foundation, Board Member and Spokesperson for Haitian organizations Health Services (HOHS), Advocate for Go Red for Women, Young Adult Mentorship, May Town Scholar, College of Engineering ASCE Former President, Organization for Developing Leadership, Salsa Dance Team, Toastmasters International Member. I am also partners with local and global organizations such as Little Piece of Heaven Foundation (LPHF) and Haitian organizations Health Services (HOHS) to promote those choices that emulate my own educational choices.


BTF: Tell us about your platform A Better Tomorrow for Today’s Children: Building a New Generation

HP: With my platform "A Better Tomorrow for Today's Children: Building A New Generation”, one of my goals is to be a voice for the children. That is why I partner with the Little Piece of Heaven Foundation and Haitian Organization Health Services, to contribute to an equitable distribution of education, medical and nutritional support, not only to kids in Haiti but also to those in other parts of the globe. I also have my own scholarship “Leadership Through Education" to help disfranchised students in Haiti to afford college tuition, after I was touched by so many heartfelt letters asking for assistance.



BTF: Do you think that pageants such as the ones you have participated in would help the youth of Haiti? If yes, how so?

HP: Yes, yes, yes!!! I used to pay school for four kids in Haiti and now since I became Miss Haiti the number go up to six through my scholarship “Leadership Through Education". Not only paying for school but also continued to be a voice for them. Improving the lives of others inspires and motivates me, and this is just the beginning. Also be the first Miss International, now open doors for Miss Teen Haiti and Mrs Haiti 2013. Regardless of little support I received, I truly believe that I can help Haiti will become a better place with better access to education. It is my goal to utilize my resources, contacts and experience in Haiti’s best interests. I hope to be able to play my part and help make Haiti a better place to visit and live– one where people are valued and accepted for who they are. My life has been filled with privileges, joy and love. I have learned that it is what you make of it. Walt Disney says “If you can dream it, you can do it”. My dream is to make sure that all kids have access to education.



BTF: Last but not least, what makes you a BelTiFi?

HP: A BelTiFi is a woman that is civilized not only beauty but brain and success. She won’t settle for less. She is fearless. She wants to change the world regardless of the consequences. She embodies beauty through her knowledge. She is classy, humble, lovely, inspiring, and caring.



Hermanie Pierre

Twitter: @misshaitiintlus



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