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April BelTiFi of the Month Presents... Recording Group BEL!

Posted on April 1, 2013 at 1:15 PM

BTF: Tell us about BEL

BEL: BEL on the surface stands for beauty; beautiful girls representing for a beautiful culture.

BEL is a Female entertainment project (more than just music) which includes the 1st Caribbean reality show “The making of Bel" (filmed with VH1 producer) capturing the journey to create BEL and raise awareness and funds for Haiti

Female Solo artists coming together For Haiti. Mickael Music, China Blak and Melanie Charles are the front-women for the BEL project but BEL is not limited to just theses 3 young ladies. BEL was designed as a platform for female artist to work together to bring positive change in the entertainment industry. So be on the lookout for many BEL's

The BEL girls take control of their branding, Mickael Music , one third of BEL is also the Creative Director/Visionary for the BEL project. So every fine detail of the project was made by BEL hands.

BEL is full of talented strong females working hard for one goal.

Three Girls. Three Stories. Three Letters. Three Voices. FOR ONE HAITI

New diaspora

BTF: How is the experience of being in a group of talented, yet very diverse, women?

BEL: The experience is a little bit of everything. But the common goal is sisterhood, music and Haiti. With that in mind BEL's plan is to be part of the positive branding of Haiti and our culture. Putting out positive images of Haiti is essential, so we are on our best behavior. Ambassadors, Tout bagay toujou bel pou BEL

BTF: What was the inspiration behind your track “Haitian Boy”?

BEL: After the earthquake, BEL was affected and wanted to do more for their people and culture. Watching on TV with everyone else, seeing the men pulling people out from under building etc. Realizing our men are never celebrated, they get a bad rap most of the time, BEL felt the need to be the 1st ever in history to celebrate Haitian Men. Mickael Music came up with the concept to do the song and called China Blak. They went into the studio and recorded, later Melanie Charles was added. Now in celebrating Haitian Men, BEL is celebrating All Haitians to show the world we have nothing but love for each other. Music wise, there are many songs celebrating Haitian women, so it’s our thank you to them as well.

BTF: What do you want to see in the future for the HMI?

BEL: The BEL project is not just a part of the HMI, “Haitian Boy” is on major networks and playing all over the world BUT in the future of the HMI, BEL would like to see more women joining forces, working together In the forefront and behind the scenes. To be just as Big and popular as the males. Positive music and showcasing of Haitian Culture. Also we would like to see great marketing and packaging for Haitian music to go more international.

BTF: What are your future plans for shows and an album?

BEL: We are so thankful to be welcomed and be in high demand; so many amazing opportunities have come from the BEL project. We are taking it one day at a time. So, yes many live shows, tours to come. Many music surprises too. It will be a BEL future.

BTF: How can your music help the youth in Haiti, especially young women?

BEL: BEL will be spending a lot of time in Haiti working with and for the youth. Anytime we stand together it helps the youth, especially the little girls. We live in a society that makes women feel like they have to stand on their own to be seen, when it comes to jealousy, envy, etc. Being solo artists and coming together for one cause is really big. Self-confidences allows people to work together. If you're BEL inside and out just stand on that! Also being natural, dark sisters help in the balance of things. There are so many chocolate kids in Haiti that need to see chocolate beauties on TV too. We are all BEL.

BTF: How are you all BelTiFis?

BEL: We are all BelTiFis by taking care of our inner and outer, by the way we treat people in a positive light. By the way we honor our Heartland Haiti by walking with our heads up high and being proud of where in which GOD allowed us to come from. We stand by all things Haiti, all things positive, we are Sis-Stars! All things BEL. Nap toujou fe BEL tifi

The Making of BEL

Haitian Boy

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