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July BelTiFi of the Month presents: Sherley Lily Edme

Posted on July 11, 2011 at 7:12 PM


Name: Sherley Lily Edme

Age: 23

Where you're from: I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but raised in Brooklyn, NY

One word that describes you: There are so many words that describe me, but the main word that exemplifies who I am would be "Achiever"

BTF: You have a passion for a typically "non-traditional" profession, have you gotten support from friends and family that may have more "traditional" standards?

SLE: "Non- Traditional" Is a good way of putting it, but performing arts is a profession that anyone with very unique talent can be successful in. It takes support, confidence, and believing in yourself. Every parent would want their sons/daughters to become a Doctor, Lawyer, Judge, and I had the ability to become any one of those but I discovered my passion for Music, Acting and most of all helping others. I realized I can use my talent to become something greater: a Humanitarian. My Family and Friends were skeptical at first, they said that type of life was a big “IF”, but I believed in myself and believed that I would make it.

BTF: How do you see yourself as a role model for your Haitian-American women?

SLE: I see myself as role model for my Haitian - American women by letting them know dreams can come true by believing in themselves. A lot of the women that I know "settle for" instead of going for what they are "passionate for" because they feel that they can't do it, or they won't get the support that they need. What I tell them is "before you can get support from anyone else, you need to get support from yourself because at the end of the day you will always be there for you”.

BTF: You are very involved in Performing Arts, how can this help in the development of children in Haiti?

SLE: First let me say the thing I’ve realized about my people is that we are creative and talented. We are the smartest, bravest human beings. We have been through trials and tribulations but we still remain survivors. Haiti is surrounded by undiscovered singers, actors, poets, lyricists, movie directors, producers etc. But they don't have enough schooling to develop these talents. Every corner, every street, you see kids with buckets banging as drums making their own street Symphony for fun or for change. By Me reaching my goal to open my own performing arts school for those children will help them not only with their education involving their talents and also the goal of keeping them off the streets.

BTF: What do you see for Haiti in the next 5yrs as far as education and youth development?

SLE: With Michel Martelly as President I believe Haiti will be in great hands. I see electricity more often, prices for food that are reasonable and affordable. Education wise, all the children will be attending and graduating from school. Many will be able to study abroad and become doctors, lawyers, judges and maybe the next President of Haiti. Even the Adults will be able to return back to school to learn as well. Jobs will be available with great pay, houses will be built, more businesses will be all over Haiti. "Ayiti ap yon Siwomyiel" lol

BTF: Our motto is "Building Bonds, Bridging Gaps, Breaking Barriers", how do you exemplify these ideals in your everyday life?

SLE: Those are the type of ideals I encounter every day in life. Those are the main three lessons in life. I Build Bonds everyday with people I encounter; a new friend, my hairdresser, and my fans. You have to have some kind of bond with people who are involved in your life, then that leads to TRUST. Bridging Gaps is a process of building and maintaining relationships and communication between families, friends in one’s life. I always maintain relationships with my family at all times through hard times and wonderful times. Last but not least Breaking Barriers, I always accomplish the impossible, no matter what it is.

BTF: Last but certainly not least, what makes you a BelTiFi?

SLE: Being a Beltifi is not only on the outside but it’s all about being a Beltifi on the inside. I have a whole lot of BEl in me and I want to share it with the world. I am Confident, Blessed, Talented, Achiever, Loving, Sweet, Funny and Survivor. I want every female to know whatever I have in me; we all have it we just have to bring it out... Beltifi is about Sexiness, Poise and Celebrating being woman.

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