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March BelTiFi of the Month Presents... Makeup Artist Jessica Paillant!

Posted on March 1, 2013 at 11:35 AM

BTF: Tell us a little about yourself.

JP: My name is Jessica Paillant, and I am a Certified Makeup Artist with a Degree in Psychology. I have created my own Makeup Artist freelance business and wish to expand this business in years to come. I am a lover of fine art and paintings, which I received from my father whom is an excellent artist and would tell us stories of how his first major painting is in the Haitian embassy. I enjoy listening to music, dancing and being social with a close nit group of friends. I love doing women’s makeup and having them feel better about themselves. I enjoy teaching women about how to apply their own makeup and to have fun with it. The feeling that I get when a women leaves my chair and feels great and loves my work is the best feeling my work can give me.

BTF: Where did you get your passion Make-up Artistry?

JP: My passion for Makeup Artistry started very young. As a child I was unable to wear makeup or even clear nail polish. So if any relative came over and did such things I would watch them to try and pick up tips and tricks. As I entered High School, I was then allowed to fully dabble in what I was only allowed to watch from afar. So of course I started with the basics of lip gloss and eyeliner which I would wear everyday. However this wasn’t enough for me, so I started to research how to do more with makeup. I watched videos online and read articles on everything makeup. As my knowledge grew, I became fully able to do my own full faced makeup. I then decided to start doing the makeup of my friends. I had a gift for figuring out their face shapes and what look would be best for them. They all loved what I did and told me that I should do this more. So I did, I would do makeup at fashion shows, photo shoots, and any event that I could. I began to hold my own photo shoots to build my portfolio with the help of my boyfriend, Najua Ward, who is an amazing photographer. This all led to my completion of my certification as a Makeup Artist.

BTF: We see you graduated college with a degree in Psychology; what made you take the turn towards being a makeup artist?

JP: Psychology was a fun and entertaining degree to receive. I enjoyed all of the classes and at one point could see myself as a child psychologist. However I could not let go of the love of makeup, I would always imagine myself as a very successful artist. As I achieved my degree I was still doing shoots and fashion shows and makeup for my clients. I always wanted a college degree and not getting one wasn’t an option. After my graduation ceremony I had to have a long look at what I wanted to do. Either continue with psychology or go full force with my Makeup Artistry. I made the firm decision to continue as a Makeup Artist. I then decided to get further professional schooling in this art and to become a certified makeup artist. It was a step I needed to take and one that was necessary for others to take me seriously. For those who would want my services but would not want to pay me because they saw it as a “hobby” and thought that they could use me. Or figured that we were “friends” and could also use me and did not see it as I saw it, as my career. I am so mush happier now that I can say that I am a Certified Makeup Artist and that I have a career that I love.

BTF: Was your family supportive in your career choice?

JP: At first, my family was not supportive. They believed that I was going to be a Psychologist and they were happy about that. They always knew about my love of makeup, and always commented on the amount of makeup that I owned. They knew I had jobs on the side but thought it was just a side hustle, something for fun. One day I told my parents that this was not for fun and it was something that I am passionate about. They weren’t excited about it but began to take it seriously once I enrolled in my certification program. They are coming around slowly but they see the amount of jobs increased because of my certification.

BTF: What role can you say makeup plays in Haitian Culture?

JP: I feel that Haitian women do wear makeup but it isn't something that is discussed, not in the older generations anyways. I feel like what these women did in their homes was kept in their homes. I feel that this field is one that is not glorified like that of becoming a doctor or lawyer. It is misunderstood and seen as one that will not lead to one making lots of money. However I feel that this is slowly changing as there are several Haitian women of this new generation that are involved in this industry and wish to change its stigma. This is a hard business, one that can create funds if you are great in it and know what you are doing.

BTF: Last but not least, what makes you a BelTiFi?

JP: Your page states that a BelTiFi is more then just the straight translation meaning “beautiful women” but one whom embodies elegance, sophistication, passion and drive, intelligence and independence. I know that I am all of the above. I feel that as women we must hold ourselves on a platform and know our self worth. We must carry ourselves with sophistication in everything we do and not give any means for those around us to speak negatively. Even if they do speak ill about us, it is not because of something that we have done wrong but because we are doing things right. I am passionate about what I love to do and about sharing with others and teaching other women my craft. To help other women feel better about themselves and not to masque their beauty but to enhance what is already there. I want to make a name for myself in this industry to get to a position where I can employ others and to be able to give back. Every woman should strive to have something of their, own to be self sufficient and independent. This is one of my firm beliefs that I have been taught since I was a little girl. That being financially stable and self sufficient will take you far.


Twitter: BeautyByMsJesse

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