Bel Ti Fi, Inc.

"Building Bonds. Bridging Gaps. Breaking Barriers."


BelTiFi provides a multitude of services to educate young Haitian-American women about vital topics that shape their lives which will aid them in personal and professional growth.

Our introductory luncheon “The Secret Garden” represented Bel Ti Fi Inc. at its infancy stage. The 2010 luncheon was created to not only introduce ourselves to the community as a new organization but represent our growth and fresh new ideals to support the young women of the Haitian community. For our garden to fully develop, it needed care, attention, and elements to help support its strong growth. Now as we emerge in our third year, metamorphosis had taken place.

Flights of Fancy,” showcased the preparations of Bel Ti Fi to take on new plateaus. As individuals who have been here for almost 3 years, none of us looked the same externally and internally have changed as well. Similar to the lifecycle of a butterfly, Bel Ti Fi has gone through its transitions from one stage to the other in order to become a fully developed Bel Ti Fi and acknowledge organization. Our 2012 theme not only represents our flight to our success but our mission to continue to uplift the community and remain an organization for young women to look up to.

For 2014, our “Diamonds in the Rough” theme demonstrates overcoming obstacles and knowing your worth. Like precious gems, this brunch will provide clarity, elegance, and of course flawlessness as we discuss pertinent topics such as self confidence, relationships, personal development, and our professional journey. We will delve into the ever growing aspects of change and how to deal with the times! What are doing to showcase your light through diamond eyes.


TEENAGE SECTOR: 2014 Application to come!

October 2011: TI FI TEEN ACADEMY

This program is catered to young Haitian-American girls in high school from age 13-17 and created to enhance academic excellence, community involvement, and to prepare for life after high school. Mentoring will include services such as tutoring sessions, self-confidence workshops, college preparations, and health awareness seminars.

The "Ti Belle" Big Sister, Little Sister mentoring provides a one-on-one interaction to secure a bond between teenagers and young professionals. With an open dialogue and an opportunity to learn from each other, a "Ti Belle" mentoring will create learners and leaders!

 Download Application here:

Fall 2011 Application Packet

For more information email Carmel Balan, Community Affairs Chair:



FALL 2011: 

Mind Your Own Business Professional Development Workshop

The workshop provides the steps to attaining professional and financial independence. Got the entrepreneur bug? Get the guidance on how to take your venture or service off the ground and start your business. Listen to entrepreneurs and financial experts give advice on how to manage your money and ultimately make it grow.


WINTER 2011:

The First Annual 2011 "Sands of Time" fundraising event 

will showcase the accomplishments of young Haitian-American women of the year. Awards will be provided in regards to education, community outreach, new projects, and young entrepreneurs.


2012 YEAR:

"Speed Networking"

will provide young professionals and students the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals and practice the "30-second perfect pitch" as they network with others while promoting themselves, an act, or business. 

The Bellathon

is catered to generating revenue for a chosen Haitian charity and other organizations that focus on Breast Cancer and AIDS Awareness. It will give the BelTiFi "Pretty Young Girl" Empowerment Committee as well as members and supporters  the opportunity to run for a common goal and an important cause.


Bel Ti Fi Buzz! Media & Communications

Print sector:

BelTiFi Bulletin

Our monthly newsletter will showcase current topics, upcoming events, and profile interviews. It will serve as both a print and online publication that gives aspiring writers an opportunity to publish their content about topics pertinent to the Haitian community. It will feature real news stories on Haiti, narratives, short stories, op-ed, and profiles on prominent Haitian women from every professional industry.

Broadcast sector:

TiFi Talks!

"TiFi Talks" will feature interviews with Haitian professionals, activists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. It will be the #1 method to publicize your project to the Haitian community. It will also be used for our "Comfy Couch Convos" in which we discuss an array of current topics of interests.

Bel Soleil:

BelTiFi's radio show "Bel Soleil" provides a platform for the young Haitian-American community to openly discuss topics such as culture, politics, and entertainment. We highlight topics that affected the development of the young and help prepare them for the future ahead. Catch "Bel Soleil" at 9:00pm, bi-weekly, on Thursdays at

Online sector:


Our online podcast focuses on discussing the news and views that are involved in the development of our members. The show also discusses current and contemporary issues that are going on both nationally and internationally.

The Belle Blog

Gives young Haitian-American women the opportunity to showcase themselves, an act, a project, or a service. Viewers will be able to get updates and  information about the BelTiFi Programs, the BelTiFi Bulletin, upcoming events, and additional information to get involved.

BelTiFi of the Month

A BelTiFi of the Month is a young Haitian-American women that embodies independence and intellect. Selected individuals have the opportunity to promote their accomplishments, companies, and upcoming projects. Interviews will be posted on the website and other social media websites.



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